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Name: Syara
Joined: 27/11/22
Card Count; 4145 ☼ Sapphire

These are the decks I'm collecting or planning to: admins, argent, aurite, babytalk, balancer, bl, bully, caps, casanova, cat, catsndogs, cerulean, chess, chibimoon, chopping, clip, colors, corner, creaming, cureblack, curehappy, curewhip, dabatto, dechuwa, divinerose, dracaena, east, epinard, europeans, face, facts, forebodings, gaming, grandis, grandma, grownup, hagyu, hamha, heartshaped, hedgehog, heke, junk, jupiter, kirarin, kishow, kitten, konpeitojar, laptop, loveshower, mars, marshmallows, meltyluna, memoirs, mercury, metalia, mipo, mobile, moon, nakao-chi, nekomimi, neptune, nonexistent, nonocchi, ojamajo, ookwee, osa-p, paipai, pameruku, perlite, persocon, perutan, pfpth, pinkbow, pinkscarf, pipito, pixiedust, pluto, pokute, pororin, pururun, repairs, riches, rubeum, saturn, seedgather, seeds, songwriting, soot, specialeyes, starry, sulfur, tall, transfer, umibozu, uranus, valley, venus, walking, wise-crack, wombat

And you can always offer me cards for any of these series: Tokyo revengers, My dress up darling, Sailor Moon, Rozen Maiden


x45 x13 x26 x31 x40 x30 x28 x30

Sketchpads: 20

Trades for next sketchpad: 16 /20